Ziyang Wish Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd

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Gothic film greenhouse
Glass greenhouse
PC greenhouse
Multi span film greenhouse
Tunnel greenhouse
Dutch bucket system
NFT system
Vertical Hydroponic System
Substrate gutter system
Wall Hydroponic System

   Ziyang Wish Agricultural Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2010,located in

Sichuan province, China.We are specialized in designing, producing, installing

greenhouse,hydroponic system and agricultural materials. We have many   advanced machines enable us to guarantee production efficiency and consistency.

    Our main goal is to make our customers’ planting easier,so we provide whole series of greenhouse hydroponic system and agricultural materials.We have   established good relations of win-win cooperation with various customers at home and abroad. We are committed   to providing high quality, cost-effective products and excellent after-sales service.

Email:ada@hydroponics.vip    skype:wish-ada@outlook.com   Whatsapp/ Wechat:+8618582559593  Tel:+8602826111238